Driven by Speed

Avelacom owns and operates a global network connecting to 80+ data centers worldwide. Our data solutions help companies to connect with partners and employers, access key global markets with a ready-to-go IT infrastructure, and improve remote workflow in a fast and secure way. We are renowned for our low latency solutions and have extensive experience within global financial markets. This experience has enabled us to scale up and bring our skills to a range of sectors, including high tech enterprises, media and telecoms.

Established in 2010, Avelacom set its first speed record in 2013 by launching the fastest line between London <> Moscow <> Tokyo. Since then, Avelacom has expanded its portfolio to include more than 40 high-speed and unique routes across APAC, EMEA, North and Latin America. The company continues to develop new products and is committed to providing one-stop, best practice solutions to help our customers improve their data communications and networking systems.

What makes us stand out:

Leading edge fiber-optic and ultra high frequency radio technologies

Global coverage

Lowest latency routes across key global markets

Guaranteed highest availability and resilience

Best prices, free trials for some of the products

Customized approach