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Superfast, unlimited bandwidth


Based on Avelacom’s fiber DWDM backbone. This service enables you to expand your core network reach. Wavelengths can be provisioned at 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps options.

L2 – EPL

A private, managed point-to-point Ethernet Layer 2 over MPLS network service with speed up to 10Gbps. Various MTU, VLAN tagging parameters are supported. Can be provided including local loops across 20+ countries. Guaranteed QoS.


Full mesh VPN over MPLS solutions optimized for applications requiring QoS. Can be provided including local loops across 20+ countries.


Clients can use their own muxponders on Avelacom DWDM network depending on the capacity needed. Muxponders can be rented from Avelacom as well. Dark fibers are provided within metro networks.

With the increased importance of remote access Avelacom's solutions help optimize your network performance

Our global fiber backbone and networking solutions are designed to improve latency/resiliency across all key global markets – the US, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, APAC and LATAM. We offer a very personalized one-stop shop approach to meet all your networking and infrastructure needs including servers, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities.