Trade faster, trade globally

We have made it our mission to know financial market inside out. Electronic trading is a core feature for major financial institutions. Fast, robust connectivity and ready-to-go global IT infrastructure are absolutely central to success. As trading volumes and volatility have increased, buy- and sell-side firms need better network access, connection consistency for execution, and the ability to handle large volumes of real-time market data streams, all while managing costs.

Avelacom’s solutions improve automated market making, and arbitrage and liquidity aggregation strategies – all of which are highly sensitive to latency, jitter and other data transfer issues.


Deploy low latency trading servers


Co-locate next to exchanges matching engines


Access real-time market data feeds directly from exchanges


Use superfast lines that guarantee low and predictable latency


Expand geographic footprint, explore new growing markets across Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia & Pacific

Why choose us?

  • Global reach: our 30,000 miles network
  • Fastest routes: our experience in low latency extends back to 2011 when we set multiple speed records for connecting European and Asian markets
  • Speed to market a ready-to-go infrastructure across 80+ trading venues including fast growing emerging markets
  • Ultra-low latency hardware: we use FPGA-based switches and servers with PTP (precision time protocol), fine-tuned for ultra-low latency applications and required for MIFID II compliance
  • Authorized service provider status of the world’s top exchanges
  • One-stop shop approach for all your connectivity & IT infrastructure needs

Our service commitment

  • Path diversity for network resiliency
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support to ensure uptime and backup
  • Deterministic approach to low latency: it is not just about sub 1ms advantage, but also about consistency and predictability of our low latency systems
  • Flexibility & scalability: a range of options from 1 unit to a full-sized rack cage, from low bandwidth connections to high capacity solutions
  • Individual approach to every clients’ needs and desires
  • Strong reputation in the industry: we operate since 2001, in the financial services industry – since 2011