An innovative approach to connect with customers, coworkers & partners

Avelacom helps connect remote employees and offices into one private secure network, quickly scale IT infrastructure or make your company’s transition to the cloud. We are renowned for our portfolio for banking and finance sector that makes us capable of providing the most advanced networking and IT infrastructure solutions across all business sectors.


Achieve on-premises level security, even for cloud-based remote teams. Protect yourself from spoofing attacks. Monitor user activity, bandwidth consumption, block unwanted traffic. All this comes with the fastest data speeds, with guaranteed millisecond precision.


Guaranteed bandwidth via Avelacom’s low latency fibre network. Equal down & up speeds. Seamless integration into your existing private network. We are linked to the world’s Tier 1 providers and global internet exchange points in North America, Europe and Asia to ensure reliable, consistent internet connection.


Cost-effective options for your fast market setup across 80+ premium data centers. Quickly scale up, scale down or migrate between different data centers. No CAPEX required. Servers or other hardware devices can be supplied on a “sell” or “lease” basis (IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service).


Reliable solutions combining simplicity and cost efficiency of public clouds with the security and flexibility of Avelacom’s low latency private network. Latency and service availability are guaranteed, no matter where you and your clients are located. We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, Google, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare public clouds to give you a truly flexible environment.